Hey music lovers, let me take you on a wild ride with DREAM PONY’s debut album, “SUSPICION TODAY”. It’s a fresh blast from NYC, echoing vibes of the Strokes and Bowie, but with a sparkling twist of their own. The album, brilliantly crafted at NY HED studios, features the sultry vocals of Jordan D’Arsie, and Aaron Mika’s drumming is just stellar. The tracks blend romantic, danceable beats with a dash of NYC grunge, creating a soundscape perfect for those who love their tunes both ethereal and gritty.

Every song is a journey, with lush harmonies and radiant synths that make you want to dance into the night. The album not only showcases great music but tells a story, woven through with passionate vocals and hypnotic guitars. It’s the kind of music that grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go.

So, if you’re up for a sonic adventure that’s as vibrant as a night out in the city, give “SUSPICION TODAY” a spin. And don’t forget to follow DREAM PONY on their social media to catch all their latest beats and updates! Check them out on Instagram and Bandcamp. Dive into their world; it’s definitely worth the trip!