Hey music lovers, it’s Hayden! don’t get lemon’s latest drop, “Have Some Shame”, is a dazzling venture into the realm of art-pop that absolutely shouldn’t be missed. The Austin-based trio—Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters—whisks us away on a 37-minute journey across nine tracks, blending synth-pop sparkles with the rugged rhythms of glam rock. Their electrifying sound is matched by vibrant performances that echo the iconic moves of legends like David Bowie and Elvis, yet with a unique, contemporary flair. “Have Some Shame” not only pays homage to pop culture but pushes its boundaries.

If you’re up for a musical experience that combines the best of past and present with a promise of the future, give this album a listen, and don’t forget to follow don’t get lemon on their social media to keep up with their thrilling journey!