David Latto, the Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter, has graciously shared his folk-infused single, “Up The Road,” hailing from his forthcoming EP, Dream Logic.

“Up The Road” commences with a wonderfully stripped-back approach, featuring nothing but the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar, setting the stage for Latto’s heartfelt and emotive vocals. To be frank, this bare-bones introduction would have sufficed entirely, as it perfectly complements a tranquil moment, like sipping coffee on a rainy morning in Chicago. However, keen listeners might catch subtle hints of an ethereal element lurking in the background and between the lyrical lines, hinting at Latto’s intent to elevate the production to new heights.

Indeed, around the one-minute mark of this delicate musical journey, the first signs of an electric guitar emerge, adorned with a captivating rotary effect, or perhaps some other vintage flavor that adds depth to the composition. But before we can mentally dissect the intricacies of the pedal board, the drums and bass make their grand entrance, resulting in a symphony of sonic bliss. As the song progresses into its final third, there’s a noticeable surge in momentum and determination, leaving behind the acoustic-driven intro as the narrator resolves to journey ‘up the road.’