Dan Croll’s latest single, “Second Guess,” offers a contemplative and luxuriant musical experience, with an irresistible groove at its core.

The song revolves around the brisk strumming of guitar tones that drive its momentum. Gentle bass notes explore the lower melodic registers, while a lap steel guitar introduces a touch of melancholy and depth to the arrangement. The inclusion of lap steel is a particular highlight, infusing the track with poignant, longing tones. Piano chords also make their appearance, providing a comforting backdrop to the composition.

Croll’s vocal performance is characterized by its smooth and sweet delivery, perfectly complementing the melody and lyrics. The song draws inspiration from Croll’s recent sojourn to the UK, where he reconnected with friends and family, rediscovering the warmth and affection that had been absent from his hectic life in Los Angeles.

“Second Guess” is not only an homage to the freedom that comes from living without doubt but also a celebration of the ease found in returning home. It serves as a reminder to break free from the daily grind, savor the present moment, embark on adventures, and fully embrace the here and now.