Cirro, also known by his real name, Fabrizio Baioni, makes a stunning debut with his album “Monstera”. This first official release is an intricate blend of mysterious voices, rough instrumental textures, and sophisticated electronics, crafting an atmosphere that is both vibrant and hypnotic. “Monstera” stands out as an intimate sonic journey, inviting listeners to traverse back to ancient times through its mesmerizing soundscapes.

The impressive album, featuring titles like “Bambula”, “Tambura”, and “Arpia”, hints at the diverse influences and sounds explored across the album. The inclusion of a bonus track, “Sigma”, adds a delightful surprise, rounding off the album with a sense of completeness. Each track contributes to the overall deep, exploratory nature of the album, making “Monstera” a must-listen for those seeking a unique and immersive musical experience.