Hey everyone, Hayden here again! I’m getting into the latest single of Chloé Sautereau, “Bluff”, and I must say it’s a real gem. Following her captivating tracks “Ten Thousand Stories” and “Get to Know You Game,” “Bluff” is another self-produced single by Chloé that highlights her great storytelling and intimacy. The song looks into the tangled feelings of an unrequited love, blending self-analysis with a sense of resolution, carried by strong guitars and Chloé’s sincere voice.

It is obvious that Chloé has evolved as an artist and also in writing songs that touch on a personal level. “Bluff” resonates with anyone who has ever required that last puzzle piece in order to move on. It is a perfect combination of emotional depth and musical skill, which makes it a must-listen for 2024!