Hey folks! I have been diving into Ben Tucker’s latest self-titled EP, “Ben Tucker”. Released on the 24th of January this year, Ben really brings the Americana vibes with a touch of blues that makes you feel like you’re on an endless road trip through the heartlands. His lead single “At Your Side” showcases his strong vocals and sets a rich, nostalgic tone for the rest of the album. With tracks like “Gambling Man” and “Ever Since She Turned My Head”, Ben crafts stories that are as expansive as the American landscape and as intimate as a whispered secret.

I’m totally digging the soulful journey Ben crafts here, it’s like each song is a new stretch of road to explore. If you’re up for a melodious ride that’s both grand and personal, definitely give this EP a spin. And hey, don’t forget to follow Ben on his social media to keep up with his musical escapades!