BED, initially a solo project by Ebed “bed” Moreno in 2015, has evolved impressively by 2022, transitioning from bedroom recordings to a full-fledged band with a record deal and a national tour. Originally, Moreno’s performances were simple, featuring him playing alongside his computer. The dynamic of the band changed with the inclusion of Axel on drums, Joel on bass, and Nathan on guitar, spurred by Moreno’s active participation in the Antelope Valley, CA music scene. This growth led to bigger performances, the launch of their new album “BED’s Self Titled,” a signing with Wiretap Records, and a tour with Beach Goons.

Our review focuses on the single “Blue Sweater,” initially perceived as a potential Punk Rock Saturday feature. The song starts with a misleading intro but transforms once the lead guitar’s catchy melody kicks in. Moreno’s entrance with the lyrics “stop asking me if I’m alright” marks a significant shift in the track. The song combines a hard, aggressive base with a melody that’s ethereal, vulnerable, and genuine. True to our love for memorable “whoa-oh-oh’s” in Punk Rock Saturday posts, “Blue Sweater” delivers this around the 50-second mark, accompanied by a powerful sonic wave. A notable moment occurs at 1:45 with a solitary, echoing guitar, leading to a double-time section and then smoothly transitioning to the outro. “Blue Sweater” is a captivating three-minute journey, meriting a listen with headphones for a brief escape.