Bang’s new song, ‘My Heaven,’ mixes his South Asian background with the strong beats of today’s electronic music. It makes a sound world that is different and very interesting at once. Born and raised in Michigan, Bang’s unique journey from classic Bollywood rhythms to the vibrant world of early 2000s hip-hop and pop is vividly reflected in this track. This song tells the thrilling story of a meeting in a club that feels like it’s out of this world, almost as if the main characters have met before in another life.

Bang’s talent in making songs and producing music shows brightly, creating a story that is easy to understand and full of charm. ‘My Heaven’ is more than a song; it’s like going through different times and people skillfully put together into music that hits home with anyone who has ever felt an instant, strong bond. Bang keeps changing types of music, making ‘My Heaven’ a need to hear. This is for all people looking for new and active sounds in songs.