Apuhjee – “Space To Forget”

The latest single by Apuhjee, “Space To Forget”, is a captivating odyssey into the realms of self-reflection and cosmic awe. This track is a deep reflection on time, and existence, inviting listeners to ponder whether time is merely a construct of human perception. With the help of its dreamy melodies and reflective lyrics, Apuhjee creates a beautiful odyssey through the stars, which in itself is the embodiment of intergalactic psychedelic.

The song serves as a love letter to understanding oneself and the universe, wrapped in the allure of genre-bending soundscapes. One of the lead-ups to Apuhjee’s debut album, “Space To Forget” is beautiful, demonstrating a unique mix of chill vibes and reflection. This track is a tribute to Apuhjee’s artistic vision that guarantees an unforgettable journey through space and the soul.