Anna Josephine’s ‘Radio’ is a song with a magic piece of music that tells a story of a love that disappears with a beautiful musical arrangement. The melody, an upbeat dual between a blissful violin and acoustic guitar, creates a cheerful and airy atmosphere. Till now, the choice of an instrumental has been used in such a way to give it a contrasting role against Anna’s lyrical, reflective, and melancholic words, and as a result of it, the listeners would surely have an emotional experience.

With a voice that is as gentle as it is able to carry monumental weight, she navigates the intricate world of love and loss through nuance and conviction. ‘Radio’ is perhaps the best example of Anna Josephine’s talent, it is a profound song that presents a genuine story and a catchy chorus that makes you want to listen to it again after the song is over. An absolute must-listen for all the fans and connoisseurs of the sophisticated musical stories and the great vital performances.

Says Anna: “I actually began to write this song after a long wormhole on TikTok, where I kept seeing recycled videos of Harry Styles. It was driving me insane and the excessive social media time was sending me into a spiral. But it was the same feeling that I would get when I would look at old pictures and videos of me and my boyfriend at the time. It was a profound feeling that something was changing and shifting in our relationship. I wasn’t as confident as I had been early on and I felt like we couldn’t rely on or communicate with one another as much as we once had. It was one of the first songs I wrote as I felt the relationship slowly coming to a head. I was crying out to to be noticed and for desperate for the dynamic to change, while simultaneously acknowledging to myself that I was aware of of the imminent breakup”