Andy Smythe’s latest single, “Out of My Mind,” is a brilliant showcase of his evolving musical journey. Following the success of 2023’s “Prodigal Son,” Andy has shifted from lush strings to a vibrant brass ensemble, masterfully executed with the help of American composer Chris Payne and the distinguished trumpeter Hank Zorn.

Produced by Dave Palmer, this track radiates a polished, full-bodied sound. Adding a unique twist, Chloe Payne’s B52’s-inspired backing vocals inject an infectious energy that complements Andy’s compelling lead. The song maintains the art rock/power pop sensibility reminiscent of The Beatles and Bowie, yet Andy’s innovative key modulations and poignant lyrics underscore his distinctiveness as an artist. With a four-octave vocal range that shines both in the studio and live, drawing comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, Andy Smythe stands out not just for his technical prowess but for his emotive and dynamic performances. “Out of My Mind” is a testament to Andy’s artistry, promising to enchant listeners and solidify his place in the music scene.