“Pathways”, Ambrosius’s latest release, is a great example of this innovative approach to the art of music and its emotional appeal. This quintet has made a big step forward since being signed up by FAJo Music in spring 2023 and. The album, a collection of twelve beautifully arranged songs, shows an impressive blend of innovation and unity.

The lead single ‘Shadow Logic’ is a stunner and acts as a benchmark, it feels at home with tracks like ‘Hollywood Babeism’, ‘Align’ and ‘Broken Bones’ which are standouts on the album, allowing Ambrosius to tread new sonic waters while maintaining their distinctive sound. While the change of the ancient Irish folk song “Anach Cuain” is somewhat contemplative beauty, “Noel’s Caravan” is a charming tribute to the eccentricity of radio theatre. “Pathways” is not an album, it is an adventure through the all-encompassing landscapes of modern music, and it should be heard by everyone who appreciates experimentation and sincere narrative.