Q: Hi! “The Score” collaborates with 40M Tye and Hippie G. How did these partnerships influence the track’s direction and message?

A: Just made it even more litty. Tye has his own vibe, Hip has his own vibe and I’m just me. Put us together and it’s going to get crazy. 

Q: As an architect of “Revolutionary Rap,” how do you see “The Score” furthering the genre’s evolution and impact on listeners?

A: As I and every artist who takes on the task to revolutionizing this art to revolutionize our people continue to create, Revolutionary rap and Revolutionary music in general will develop and grow. Gil Scott Heron, Poor Righteous Teachers, etc were revolutionary artists. Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, etc were revolutionary artists. Public Enemy, Dead Prez, early 2pac were all revolutionary artists. Our true evolution comes with us transforming song into action. As long as artists like us exist, the genre will evolve and “The Score” is a testament to that. Songs like this will no doubt popularize what we’re doing, the challenge is in making it impactful enough to push our people towards collective independence.

Q: The 40M movement plays a significant role in your music. Can you discuss how “The Score” reflects the ideals and goals of this movement?

A: Self-Determination, collective and individual. Independence, self-sufficiency and awareness. All of these are a part of many focuses of 40M and each can be found in “The Score”. Fearlessness, love and power also.

Q: LABACK produced “The Score.” What unique qualities did they bring to the production that helped shape the final sound of the track?

A: Prior to this release, much of the art had been painted on US and UK drill canvases. We stepped away from this with L A B A C K and the end result was an entire different sound. Same energy, same timing but a different vibe.

Q: With your music being a vehicle for the Black Independence people’s movement, what specific messages or themes do you hope listeners take away from “The Score”?

A: That the Melanites or “Black American” people are ready to assert their collective Self-Determination and establish an autonomously independent nation-state. We might be down but we’re not out and the game is far from over.

Q: Your journey from “No Church on Sunday” to “Martin Luther” and now “The Score” shows a clear narrative arc. Can you talk about this progression and how each piece contributes to your overarching message?

A: Each release is like a different part of a puzzle. All you have to do keep putting it together and eventually it will be complete and just may have a masterpiece. 

Q: The collaboration with 40M Tye and Hippie G introduces additional voices and perspectives. How do these contributions enrich the narrative of “The Score”?

A: Hip aka Hippie G aka The Dark Glasses Malone aka International Hip as we call him. That’s my bro and a true artist at heart so anything we do together is going to go crazy. Check out his individual projects too, he dropped an album a few months ago and released “Lil Homie” recently. 40M Tye aka 8aby8 aka Booker T, that’s my bro too for real. Mad musically inclined, can damn near do it all. Throw him in the pot too and we definitely cooking.

Q: Music production can often be as telling as the lyrics themselves. How does the sound design in “The Score” complement its lyrical themes?

A: It’s a bop by itself which why I was inspired to create to it. A fire beat can make an entire song go up. Add lyrics like ours and you got an inferno.

Q: Your work aims to inspire, inform, motivate, and mobilize. Which aspect of “The Score” do you believe most strongly embodies this mission, and why?

A: The lyrics of course but equally if not more importantly, the energy. Energy doesn’t lie and even if a person misses a lyric, they’ll catch the vibe.

Q: Finally, as “The Score” makes its debut, what do you see as the next step for you as an artist and for the 40M movement within the broader context of music and social change?

A: The movement always comes first and we have plenty of work to do musically and otherwise so for now we’ll just say tap in and stay tuned, 40M.us and @Vof40M on all socials. You won’t want to miss a beat, heavy on the 4’s!