Q: Hi! Can you share the inspiration behind your song “Home”? What does this song mean to you personally?

A: I wanted to write a song that would make people want to dance and would hold elements of all my favourite classic soul records. It’s a song that we end all of our live shows with meaning we would always end our set on a high. It’s a song I’m proud of and always enjoy playing live, the buzz from the audience everytime we play it is amazing.

Q: How does “Home” reflect your musical style and evolution as an artist?

A: I feel home is a great song to best represent my current musical direction and sound. It showcases the style of music that you will hear when watching our live shows.

Q: What was the songwriting process like for “Home”? Did you collaborate with anyone?

A: I wrote home one day when playing around with my acoustic guitar. I had ‘shout’ by the Isley brothers stuck in my head and was wanting to write something of a similar vibe. It was easy to write, it just flowed, the chords and lyrics. Then home was born.

Q: Are there any unique instruments or production techniques used in “Home”?

A: when recording home we used our brilliant brass section who really elevate the song and brought that vintage sound I was wanting.

Q: How has the response been to “Home” from your fans and the wider audience?

A: We first played home during a five date tour back in March with the lathums and we got a buzz of playing it from the audience. That’s when I knew I wanted to put it out. It was a song that always got people dancing and smiling, it was a great feeling.

Q: Can you tell us about your journey into music? When did you first realize you wanted to be a musician?

A: I was 13 when I first picked up a guitar and locked myself away in my room watching hundreds of YouTube videos learning how to play. The singing came after and developed when my dad took me to open mic nights most weeks after school where I would sing covers to gain confidence and essentially find my love for playing live.

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

A: I’m a huge fan of soul and blues music. I love Otis Redding, Sam Cooke Albert king and modern artists like Paolo Nutini & Valerie June. I often take inspiration from these artists when writing music. Home was a song that was definitely influenced by all of my favourites.

Q: Can you share a memorable experience or challenge you’ve faced in your music career?

A: trying to figure out the type of music I was wanting to create and put out. It took me a while to find my sound and when an artists finally figures out what they are best at it’s really exciting though I’m sure it will change as I progress in my career.

Q: What are your future plans? Are you working on any new music or planning any tours?

A: I’m releasing my debut EP ‘Backtrack’ December 15th. I’m really looking forward to putting out my first ever project, it’s a group of songs we have played this year all over the country whilst playing at shows & festivals that have had a brilliant reception. I’m currently writing more tunes for future projects and working on a new set for 2024.