Q: Hi! What inspired the creation of “Awakening,” and can you describe the emotions you felt during its composition?

A: I’ve created this piece at night as usual. Unusual thing was, I was having extremely high fever. So I climbed to the piano, like the highest mountain. And the more I played my “Awakening”, the better I felt 

Q: “Awakening” is very vivid and metaphorical, especially with references to instruments like the viola and cello. How do you think these elements enhance the emotional impact of the song?

A: Viola is constantly playing in my head, almost always when I compose. Sometimes, I do need cello, like those velvet grass, on which I can grow my crystal flowers of piano notes. And don’t even let me get started with the strings…)

Q: Recording with some of Ukraine’s best classical musicians must have been an enriching experience. Could you share some memorable moments from these recording sessions?

A: They are my hands. I let my musicians enter my brain and soul, while I conduct, when we’re recording.

It’s a special moment of intimacy and happiness for me. Always surprising in a good way. 

Q: Your father, Andriy Kravchenko, handled the mixing and mastering of “Awakening.” How does it feel to work professionally with family, and how does this relationship influence the final product?

A: We are sick sick people…) Music is a family illness. 

From my first draft in my late night voice messages to dad, till the last stroke in the final composition, we are insanely hard working. Fighting sometimes. Laughing. Crying. Okay, I’m laughing now)

I always listen to dad, (he is a machine!) and to few people I credit.

Still, the last word is always my word. Cause only I know, what’s going on in my head 

Q: The music video for “Awakening” was shot in a greenhouse at the National Botanical Garden. What was the reason behind choosing such a unique location, and how does it complement the song’s theme?

A: It’s simple. I felt this composition at once, as a soundtrack to that short movie of most beautiful moments, we all see, before we die…

So light. Lot of light. Heaven. Flowers. Peace…

Q: You’ve mentioned before that “Awakening” will be part of an event this summer. Can you give us a hint about what this event might involve?

A: Oh, I will surprise you, my dear people!.. Accumulating the energy and music for that…

Q: In addition to “Awakening,” you have planned the release of several new songs before the summer. What themes or styles are you exploring in these upcoming tracks?

A: I never know, what to await from my head. How can I tell you?) please, get ready for beautiful strings and…saxophone? Why not?)

Q: Reflecting on the success of your previous releases, such as “In my damn head” and “Everest”, how do you think “Awakening” will build on or differ from these past successes?

A: I never ever think of such things. I just do the thing I love most of all in the world: Music

Q: What are your major goals for the rest of this year, both musically and personally, as you continue to evolve as an artist?

A: An album. Or two. Or three. We’ll see…