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Q: Hi! “Lost Connection” delves into complex emotions. Can you share the personal experience that inspired its creation?

A: It’s actually a more recent experience! A bit over two years ago, I met someone I really cherished and fell head-over-heels. We spent a lot of time together, and went through so much. Unfortunately, things between us ended awfully, we did the whole “no contact” thing, until I ran into him quite some time after. We briefly spoke, caught up– he even told me some pretty intimate, heartfelt things. At that moment, all I could think about was “Wow. I don’t know this person anymore, and feel nothing.” 

On one hand, it felt great to finally get to that point of moving on from the person who had hurt me, but the afterthought of “I can’t believe I’ve lost my best friend.” came too. I spent some time reminiscing old, tainted memories of our past, trying to make sense of the bittersweet feeling I was experiencing. Then, ta-da! I wrote Lost Connection!

Q: Your music is heavily influenced by RnB, Soul, and Pop. How do these genres specifically shape the sound of “Lost Connection”?

A: Jazz is one of my favorite genres because it does such a fine job translating the human soul to music, so having a keyboard solo in Lost Connection felt necessary. Sammy Vanson, the keyboardist on LC, is astounding, and his talent has no bounds. When he wrote it and I had heard it the first time, it was everything! It gave LC that soulful touch I was wanting. Aaron McNamara, the bassist, wrote a really fun, interesting bass part that allows the song to groove. Along with working closely with Wyatt Ouray, my producer, and him having a great understanding of my vision for music, everything I love about RnB, Soul, and Pop were brought to life!

Q: In writing “Lost Connection,” how did you aim to connect with young adults navigating their personal transformations?

A: When you’re granted the chance to truly experience life and all it has to offer, it’s inevitable some strife will come along the way. When I write about said strife, I try to write about those tougher experiences without judgment, without blame. We’ve all been through it! We’ve all been selfish, angry, impulsive, stupid adults at least once – and it’s okay! People are intensely complex, our very existence is a phenomenon in itself. I aim to connect to listeners by letting them know that they aren’t alone, and we’re all just trying our best to function in a complicated, crazy, sad, beautiful world. 

Q: Your songwriting tackles hard-hitting topics with warmth and simplicity. How do you balance these elements in “Lost Connection”?

A: It’s hard being honest with yourself about silly choices, or opening up about trauma – but coupled with a groovin’ bass line and jazzy keyboard solo makes it feel a little more palatable. Just because I choose to write about something difficult, doesn’t mean it needs to sound that way. I hold my past with pride, and always aim to translate my writing and music as “remember when this thing happened? That was crazy wasn’t it? Look at us now!”

Q: As a vocalist with a background in Big Band Jazz, how does your performance experience influence the vocal arrangements in “Lost Connection”?

A: One of my more unfortunate habits is constantly vocalizing over songs, or improvising and scat singing. Luckily that came in handy in the studio, and we ended up liking it enough to put that little motif in the outro of the song! If you listen closely, you’ll also hear me improvising/ad libbing over the chorus. Those little moments come easier to me thankfully for my experiences as a jazz vocalist.

Q: With your debut single “Delusional” reaching over 1k streams, what expectations do you have for the reception of “Lost Connection”?

A: That fact alone doesn’t even feel real! And we just reached 3k! I couldn’t be more thankful for anyone who takes the time to tune in. Lost Connection is different in so many ways from Delusional, I’m really not too sure what to expect. All I know is that I love it, my loved ones love it, and anything else past that is incredible. I hope the message I intended with LC will reach the people that need it. Generally, I’m already so happy with the reception.

Q: Collaboration can be key in music creation. Were there any significant collaborations in the production of “Lost Connection”?

A: Absolutely! In Lost Connection, we have Sammy Vanson on keys, and Aaron McNamara on bass. Their skills really elevated LC in all the ways I dreamt, I’m so thankful! Working with Wyatt Ouray, my producer, exclusively this last year has been the most rewarding experience! He’s been my go-to guy and close friend through all of this as I learn more about the music industry. I hope that as new opportunities flourishes and more songs are written, these three fine gentlemen wouldn’t mind another collaboration!

Q: How does “Lost Connection” represent a step forward in your journey as an artist, especially considering your upcoming EP?

A: I took more liberties with LC than I did with Delusional. Granted, Delusional was my first song, and having Wyatt essentially holding my hand through that process really allowed me to sit back and learn how this all works. LC felt more like a test of my artistry from what I’ve learned in a year. I was more picky, more intricate with harmonies and vocal arrangement, provided more insight for what I envisioned, gave more feedback, etcetera. It’s like I’m watching my confidence grow over time, which is SO great! I hope that that perfectionism follows me through the completion of this EP! In the meantime, there may be a few more cool projects on the way… 

Q: Reflecting on your influences like Snoh Aalegra, Alex Isley, and Olivia Dean, can listeners expect nods to these artists in “Lost Connection”?

A: When I heard Alex Isley’s and Jack Dine’s “Marigold” album, I HAD to incorporate a jazz piano in the song. For her outro in “Still Wonder”, there’s such a great piano solo! That wholeheartedly inspired the idea to do the same with Lost Connection, as well as the groove and vibe for the song. She’s one of my favorite artists! 

Q: Given your intention to engage with listeners through relatable songwriting, what message do you hope they take away from “Lost Connection”?

A: I want my listeners to know that it’s okay to move past a hard break up, and it’s also okay if that feeling is bittersweet. We often beat ourselves up for wishing that things turned out different, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this song reminds them of that, and that they hold strong until the end!