Tommy Ashby, the talented Scottish singer-songwriter, makes a welcome return to our blog spotlight with his latest single, “My Old Man.” This indie folk composition serves as a heartfelt tribute to his father while delving into the universal theme of striving to meet lofty expectations.

While you’re discovering this song today, don’t be surprised when you encounter it in various television shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Love Island; Ashby’s folksy gems are frequently featured in popular series. With this fifth feature on our blog, it’s evident that Ashby’s music resonates deeply, even if you’re just encountering it for the first time.

One reason for Ashby’s consistent presence on our blog might be his background in psychoacoustics (yes, it’s a real field). His profound understanding of musical elements ensures that his compositions strike a chord with listeners. “My Old Man” exemplifies this skill. This charming folk ballad introduces the banjo, an instrument Ashby hasn’t fully explored until now. However, as avid readers of our Ashby blog features know, it’s always his voice that captivates us. Here, he uses it to craft an affectionate portrait of his father, reminiscent of how many of us saw our own dads when we were young.

The production of the song evolves as it progresses, continually adding new elements to maintain the listener’s engagement, such as an upbeat rhythm in the second verse. “My Old Man” also unveils a playful side of Ashby that hasn’t been as prominent in his previous works, particularly evident as the track crescendos. You can almost hear the smiles in the studio as it was being recorded. As the song gradually winds down, there’s a dynamic shift, leading to a more stripped-back conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.