Hey everyone! I’m super excited to share Rony Rex’s latest EP, “Dopamine”. This EP is an absolute gem that I can’t wait for you all to hear. Rony takes us on a vibrant journey through dance music with four incredible tracks.

Starting with “Ugly”, which is packed with infectious beats and sunny melodies perfect for summer, the EP then dives into “Papi”, featuring deep basslines and edgy female vocals that add a gritty charm. “I Could Be” keeps the energy up with an upbeat tempo and playful groove, ideal for any party. Finally, “Shapes” wraps it up with a slower yet hypnotic vibe, lush synths creating a moody atmosphere.

This EP features amazing collaborations with artists like Benni Ola, Kitty, Ravenna Golden, and LÂLKA, showcasing Rony’s knack for blending different styles. Rony Rex is a name to watch, and you’ll want to follow him on social media for more incredible music and updates.