‘Nostalgic for Now’, Patrick Lawrence’s latest EP, is a deeply moving and introspective journey through his own life, enveloping the listener with a sense of authenticity rarely encountered in contemporary music. This EP of six songs is an incredible reflection of Patrick’s ability to tell the stories, where every track tells a story that runs the gamut of human emotions – from a realization of self and the comfort of love, to career decisions and the intricacies of loss and happiness.

The thing that makes ‘Nostalgic for Now’ very unique is Patrick’s willingness to put every ounce of his soul into his music. The combination of vulnerability and strength makes for a listening experience that is very intimate and yet also universal. The production of EP is also very praiseworthy, with cleanly plucked guitars and a wise choice of percussive instruments. These aspects complement smoothly to reinforce Patrick’s voice which sounds very sweet to attract the audience to the folk genre and also develop the flexibility of the roots sound.

This EP is a must-listen for the fans of indie folk. In every note, Patrick is dedicated to his craft, and the songs not only tell a story but also make the listeners think about their own chapters of their life. ‘Nostalgic for Now’ is an ode to the music’s ability to unite, to restore, and also to motivate.