Michael Lyon’s latest single, “The Guy Who Won” is proof of his talent and distinctive place in the indie folk world. With the heartfelt storytelling of the folk music legends in the background, Lyon weaves a narrative that resonates with the current socio-political climate. This track not only demonstrates his diverse musical talents – playing every instrument and providing mesmerizing vocals – but also relays a strong message about the value of truth and honesty.

Produced at the famous ReadyMix Recording Studios, the song is helped by the skillful engineering and co-production of Paul Horabin, giving it an original and timeless sound. In the careful process of writing, re-writing, and recording, Michael’s dedication to his craft is apparent, ensuring that “The Guy Who Won” captures the essence of his message. This album is recommended for all those who love intelligent lyrics, well-placed instruments, and the classic nature of folk music.