Love Ghost’s “Glock” is a fiery fusion of trap metal and hard Latin rap, featuring Mexican rapper Dan Garcia. The song immediately demands attention with its ferocious intensity, seamlessly blending Latin verses with trap-inspired beats and gritty powerful vocals. The LA-based alternative rock band, founded by Finnegan Bell, has been making waves in the music industry with their unique blend of emo, trap, and alternative rock. Their recent collaborations with Latin artists have garnered considerable attention, and “Glock” is no exception.

The song’s instrumental section masterfully builds tension and release, with an eerie ambiance created by an exhaustive and snarling voice serving as a haunting undercurrent. The track’s intensity is perfectly complemented by an electrifying music video shot on the vibrant streets of Mexico City. Love Ghost’s signature style, a fusion of Seattle tradition and Soundcloud-era fearlessness, is showcased in “Glock”.

As a band, Love Ghost has toured extensively, playing shows in major cities all over the world and even performing at the Rockpalast festival in Germany. Their music is informed by Seattle tradition and Soundcloud-era fearlessness, and their live shows are electric and entrancing. With “Glock,” Love Ghost and Dan Garcia have created a captivating and powerful track that pushes boundaries and defies expectations, leaving listeners craving more.