KANDA – “Unanswered Questions”

KANDA’s latest single, “Unanswered Questions”, is a profound testament to the young artist’s burgeoning talent. At just 19, this Coventry-based singer/songwriter has managed to captivate audiences, including notable recognition from the BBC, Channel 4, and MOBO. Released juts a week ago, this single, paired with its compelling music video, resonates deeply with the emotional turmoil of leaving a past love behind.

KANDA’s powerful, gravelly voice, which masterfully alternates between smooth raps and emotionally charged choruses, brings to life the pain of yearning for what once was. “Unanswered Questions” is not just a song; it’s an experience that mirrors the complexities of letting go, making it a must-listen for anyone navigating the bittersweet journey of moving on.