HeavyDrunk – “You Don’t Know Me”

HeavyDrunk’s album “You Don’t Know Me” is a captivating blend of jazz, soul, and Americana vibes that captures the true spirit of the American South. The album’s main single starts off with a soulful gospel choir that hooks listeners in, followed by HeavyDrunk’s deep and raspy vocals, which blend perfectly with the jazzy-bluesy music playing underneath. The 12-track album features a mix of impressive original songs and guest appearances, including Roy Agee, Prince’s trombone player, four-time Academy of Country Music Bass Player of the Year nominee Alison Prestwood, The Deltaz on guitar and drums, and Etta Britt from Dave & Sugar on vocals.

The album was brought to life by Grammy winner Casey Wasner, who was responsible for the recording and mixing that made it sound so amazing. The album showcases HeavyDrunk’s signature mix of soul, blues, and Americana, with each song offering a unique and memorable melody. The album has been praised for its heartfelt vocals and inventive arrangements, making it a highly listenable and enjoyable experience.

In summary, “You Don’t Know Me” by HeavyDrunk is a compelling and captivating album that showcases the band’s unique blend of jazz, soul, and Americana. With its soulful gospel choir, deep and raspy vocals, and impressive guest appearances, the album offers a memorable listening experience that captures the true spirit of the American South.