“Perfect Timing” by Groundstate is a strong example of how the band’s music and skill have grown. This song, from their second album “The Things We Don’t Say,” shows how well this two-person rock group mixes old memories with new ideas. Groundstate, started by brothers Aidan and Connor Smith in 2014, has always been liked for their love of strong rock music from the late ’90s to the early 2000s. However, in “Perfect Timing,” they go past just copying and adding a new, present touch to their music.

The song opens with a hauntingly melodic riff that immediately hooks the listener, setting the stage for a journey through well-crafted lyrics and a chorus that resonates with the heart. You can feel the Smith brothers’ teamwork in every music note and lyric. It reflects their shared path of making songs from when they started playing at famous places such as Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

What makes “Perfect Timing” really special is how well it’s made, which shows the talent of famous rock producer Jim Wirt. The music work makes the song better, making sure each part – from rough guitar sounds to sharp singing voice – stands out without being stronger than another.

Also, the fact that this song is doing well on radio shows people really like it. It finds a way to be liked on the radio while still keeping true. This is what makes people love Groundstate in Ohio and other places so much all this time. The song is a great way to show how the pair has improved and changed over time, clearly proving they have what it takes to be big in rock music all across the country.

Basically, “Perfect Timing” isn’t just a piece of music; it’s something said with feeling. It says that Groundstate is ready to be more than just a normal rock band. With its catchy tune, sad words and great making it’s a song that not only understands where it comes from but also sets the stage for an exciting future.