“Fatal Equation” by Gethyn Jones is proof of his versatility and creativity. Having transitioned from a career in radio and TV presenting to writing, Jones has spun an engaging narrative that effortlessly flows into the musical realm. The album that comes with the book, also called “Fatal Equation”, is an amazing set of songs that capture the emotional depth and complexities of the book’s protagonists, Ali Kurmi and Laura O’Brien.

The music, done by Coolstar and co-produced by Nick Bowen at Quay West Studios, is simply magical. The synergy between Jones and Bowen is felt, with their generational differences adding value to the music rather than conflicting. Bowen’s technical skill and outstanding musicianship complete Jones’ songwriting in a way that is just magical. Every track is a voyage through the stormy relationship of Ali and Laura, reflecting their love and the obstacles that they have to overcome from the people who want to keep them apart.

“Fatal Equation” is a brave and innovative project that demonstrates the artistic growth of Gethyn Jones and is a new exciting chapter in his career. Whether you’re a fan of the book or are being introduced to Jones through his music, this album is a captivating journey that you should not miss.