The first EP of Cam Wilson ‘’The Time’’ is a beautiful walk through the fields of indie folk that echoes with the depth of feelings and creative skill of genre titans such as Ben Howard and Bon Iver. With this release, quickly following his well-received follow-up single ‘Best of It’, Cam cements his position as a rising star in the music industry. Written in a cabin located in the Tuscan mountains during a reflective sabbatical, ‘The Time’ EP is more than just an EP, it’s a personal journey about maturity and the passing of time.

Cam’s delicate guitar melodies are the heart of the EP, enhanced by ambient textures that take the listener directly to the cabin where these songs were created. His warm vocals, intimate and genuine, act as a guide through his introspective journey. Working in London with a fellow Kiwi producer Brydon Hulse has lent the EP a certain gloss, but one that never threatens to undermine the raw beauty of Wilson’s compositions. The Time is not just an EP, it’s an experience, that invites listeners to pause and reflect on their own journey through life.