Q: Hi! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your EP “Wild & Free”?

A: Each song from Wild & Free has been in the making for over 4 years. Re:birth is the first track idea but was also the last track to be completed. Even though every song is thematically different, they all lend to the idea that life is best when you allow yourself to be wild & free.

Q: How would you describe the sound and style of “Wild & Free”?

A: My go to description of the genre for this EP is singer/songwriter. To expand a little more, I would say that each song is a mix of Americana/Folk/Indie music. 

Q: What was your creative process like while working on this EP?

A: Song ideas do not come easily for me. When I listen to a variety of artists and seek to discover artists, inspiration will hit at different moments. I received inspiration for different songs by writing the melodies first. Usually I start with a chorus, then verses, and lastly I work on lyrics for weeks, making sure I convey the heart of each track.

Q: Are there any specific themes or messages you wanted to convey through “Wild & Free”?

A: Each track has a different theme & message but the overall story of Wild & Free is about letting go of the struggles in life and searching for peace. Doomsday 2012 or 2021 is about my struggle with depression & anxiety. Ballad of Julien Baker is also about depression when it comes to being an artist. Comments & Complaints is about being grateful for everything you have. Re:birth is about letting go of anger and resentment and moving forward in life. My hope for people’s interpretations of the Wild & Free message is that they will know that despite the many uncertainties life throws your way, you can find peace and rest knowing love can conquer all fear.

Q: How has your background and upbringing influenced your music and career?

A: I have been singing in bands for the last 24 years and playing guitar for 18 years. I would not consider myself to be a professional musician but I was always brought up to strive for things that bring me joy. Music has always been a joyful activity.

Q: Can you share a memorable moment or experience from the making of “Wild & Free”?

A: My favorite experience while making Wild & Free was the tracking at Pillow Fort Studio in Nashville. I got to collaborate with amazingly talented session musicians that brought every song to life. It was the first time I have worked with other musicians that were not members of my band.

Q: How do you feel your music has evolved since you first started your career?

A: I have come a long long way since I was singing punk rock songs in my friends garage. Funny enough, different people have told me they hear an early 2000s rock sound in my music. All of the bands I listened to back then made a major impact and now I get to write music inspired by them.

Q: What challenges did you face while creating “Wild & Free” and how did you overcome them?

A: The only challenge I faced throughout the creation of Wild & Free was keeping to my schedule of promotional release dates. Something seemed to always come up which would overwhelm my plans to create different elements for the release. With some help from friends, I was able to overcome these challenges and move forward with every song release and promotion.

Q: Are there any artists or musicians who have inspired or influenced your work on this EP?

A: The artists that inspired and influenced Wild & Free are: Julien Baker, Ray Lamontagne, Sontalk, Ruston Kelly & 21 Pilots.

Q: What are your future plans and goals for your music career following the release of “Wild & Free”?

A: I plan on continuing to write and play a variety of shows in the near future. For the long term, my plan is to start a Youtube comedy show series that is based on the story that every one of my songs tells.