Q: Hi! Your new single “Never Ready For Love” is described as a dreamy pop ballad about the complexities of falling in love. Can you share the inspiration behind writing this song and why you chose Valentine’s Day for its release?

A: Hi! Valentine’s Day seemed like an obvious date choice for this song from the very beginning, as it’s quite a positive song you could listen to with a loved one. The inspiration was basically a person I met not long ago, and of course I started falling for him. It’s been a while since I felt this way towards somebody, and even though the ‘high’ and curiosity were nice feelings, there was also some kind of fear of both the unknown and the well known.

Q: The song directly addresses someone, discussing the uncertainties and risks of love. What message do you hope listeners take away from “Never Ready For Love”?

A: I think most of us want to fall in love, and be loved by the person, but at the same time it is scary, unpredictable, we don’t know if they actually share our feelings. It is quite difficult to be ready for it. But at the same time the way we feel when we are around such person could make us want to try, and believe that things might work out this time – and this hope is what I would like the listeners to take away.

Q: With an eclectic array of influences including Kate Bush, Grimes, and The Weeknd, how do you integrate these varied inspirations into your synth-pop style, especially in your latest single?

A: I am not actively analyzing my songs at the point of writing them but I’m sure I get the inspiration both when it comes to vocal delivery, arrangements and production. I believe the variety of genres I have been listening to helps me create my own unique style within the synth-pop genre, which I am hoping to achieve!

Q: “Who Am I”, your experimental debut album, introduced audiences to your ethereal vocals and self-composed produced songs. How has your sound evolved from your debut to “Never Ready For Love”?

A: My first album did produce some songs I like to this day, such as the title song “Who Am I” or my very first one “In a Year”, but overall I don’t think it had any common style. It helped me learn the very basics of arrangement and music production, which allowed me to experiment and learn more about myself and what kind of music I wanted to make. 

Q: London’s vibrant music and acting scene had a significant influence on your artistic development. How did your experiences and training in London shape the artist you are today, particularly in your approach to songwriting and production?

A: I love London’s approach towards music and artistry in general. There is absolutely no judgment there, which makes it so easy to experiment and discover yourself. And the artists are everywhere, you don’t have to go to a concert to experience music and culture, it is enough to take the tube. I think the most important lesson I have learnt there was not technical at all – it was that as long as I am true to myself, I should be doing what I am doing, as most of the great musicians did not make it by the book but by experimenting and learning in the process. 

Q: Currently based in Warsaw and further honing your craft, how does the change in location influence your creative process and the music you are now producing?

A: Warsaw is a completely different city so we can’t really compare the music scene to the one in London. Having said that, you can find really good technical training here, and I have been taking advantage of that by attending J. Wasowski vocal studio. I have also had more time here to really work on new arrangements and production as there are less things going on. So on one hand London is much more inspiring, on the other – I have really improved all my skills in Warsaw. I do believe location influences your creativity so I am actually planning heading to a new destination soon!

Q: You mentioned before that your upcoming second album will be more stylistically coherent and personal. Can you give us a sneak peek into what themes or stories you are exploring in this album?

A: My first album was finished in 2017, I released it a few years later, and because I have been making new music, working on my voice, and – generally – growing up since then, it doesn’t really feel relatable. Also, you asked me earlier about integrating different inspirations – I don’t think I knew what style I would relate to at the time of recording the first album. While working on the new album, I did think about it as a project, and there is a set of sounds which help distinguish my music from the crowd. There is a main topic behind it as well, which the singles I have released are already revealing. The album will be called ‘I Wish It Was True’, exploring both the dreamlike and distressing aspects of falling in love. 

Q: Your songs are known for their original musical experience, blending various influences into harmonious soundscapes. What is your creative process like when composing and producing new music?

A: I usually write new songs in high emotions improvising either with my keyboard or a voice recorder app. I will record something like 10 ideas at a time and some of them turn out to be the songs I want to keep working on. If so, I will record the main chords onto my computer, work on the production with Logic, rewrite the lyrics, and finally work on the vocal production and the track’s mixing and mastering.

Q: Looking towards the future, what are your artistic goals or aspirations? Do you have any plans for live performances or tours to bring your music directly to your fans?

A: I definitely want to perform more and bring my music to new audiences! I have mentioned that I am planning my move to a new destination – this will give increased concert opportunities, as well as further chances to meet like-minded creatives. In the meantime, you can find me performing at some Warsaw events!