A conversation with Hush Giants about “1NE (Bedroom Rope)”

Q: Hi! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your song “1NE (Bedroom Rope)”

A: the song is about domestic violence and my mom’s experience with abusive relationships. She passed away in 2014 and this song was written in 2019.

Q: How did Hush Giants come together as a band, and what is the story behind the band’s formation?

A: Hush Giants is pretty much just me, Dante. Krishna Bright is a fellow musician and friend who plays various instruments on the project and is a frequent collaborator as well.

Q: How would you describe the band’s musical style and influences?

A: the project is definitely rooted in rap, but we pull influences from many genres on the project from drum & bass to singer/songwriter. James Blake, The Streets are heavy influences as well as Public Enemy and Wu Tang Clan. Our style is more of a “make you think and feel” as apposed to “make you dance”.

Q: What was the songwriting process like for “1NE (Bedroom Rope)”? Did the lyrics or the music come first?

A: the chorus came first. “Don’t matter how much blow you do, it’s how you cope, with a bedroom rope”. The best came next and then the verses were written to the beat.

Q: Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you faced while recording “1NE (Bedroom Rope)”?

A: I recorded this song and a majority of the project in Atlanta during the pandemic. Nearly 2 years spent working on music and not socializing. It got lonely at times but I also found solace in the journey as I’m used to being out and social all the time.

Q: How has the band’s sound evolved since its formation, and what can fans expect from your future releases?

A: the production has evolved in many ways, but the song writing is still the same. I say that in a good way as we still have a lot to say about the collected experiences over the years. As we move into the future the songs will become more celebratory I feel and less “reminiscence of pain and loss”

Q: What is the significance of the title “1NE (Bedroom Rope)”? Is there a particular message or theme you want to convey through the song?

A: each song of our debut album has a number associated to the title. 1NE (Bedroom Rope), 2WO (Makeup), 3HREE” and so on. There are 13 songs planned for the first album in total and each will be numbered in the same way.

Q: How do you approach creating a balance between the band’s heavier and more melodic elements?

A: it just seems natural to ride them both. In life we have so many different facets to our feelings and perspectives on things so when we write a song it’s most likely going to be a journey through those layers of feelings.

Q: Can you tell us about your favorite live performance experience as Hush Giants? Are there any upcoming shows or tours planned?

A: we have not performed live yet, but are working on the live show set up. It will consist of loop pedals, harmonizers and various software/hardware to recreate what we do in the studio.

Q: What are your goals for the band’s future, and what can fans look forward to in the coming months or years?

A: look for our second single entitled “2WO (Makeup)” coming in September, as well as two more singles to follow up as we head into 2024.